Profiling layer panels

Profiling sandwich panels ultimately affects its appearance. Due to the depth of embossing, they can be divided into shallow profiling and deep profiling. In the case of wall sandwich panels, both shallow and outer cladding shall be used for shallow profiling. On the other hand, in the case of roof boards, shallow profiling is most often used on the inner lining and on the outer cladding in the case of polystyrene roofing and some with mineral wool. The most popular shallow profiling include linear profiling, grooving, microprofile and smooth plate profile. Deep profiling, in turn, is characteristic especially for polyurethane roof tiles on the outer lining and some wall panels with polyurethane core also on the outer lining.

We offer seven types of profiled sandwich panels: smooth profile, linear PUR profile, polystyrene linear profiling, corrugated profile, grooved profile, microprofile and trapezoidal profile.

Profile smooth plate

We recommend the use of smooth profiles for polystyrene core boards or PUR or PIR foam core.

PUR linear profiling

This type of profiling is used for polyurethane core sandwich panels.

Styrofoam linear profiling

This type of linear profiling is recommended when selecting sandwich panels with polystyrene core or mineral wool core.

Corrugated profiling

Corrugated sheeting is particularly recommended for polyurethane sandwich panels with both PUR foam and PIR foam core.

Grooving profiling

The use of grooving profiling gives you an interesting architectural effect. It is dedicated for external lining. Recommended for use with polyurethane core boards (PUR foam or PIR foam).


Microprofile is only used for polyurethane core sandwich panels.

Profile trapeze

This type of profiling is especially recommended for polyurethane sandwich panels with both PUR foam core and PIR foam. Often used in case of roof slabs with sloping roofs.

Available types of sandwich panel profiling
Type of profilingStyrofoammineral
Smooth profilingX X
Linear profiling 110/40XX 
Linear profiling 47/47  X
Corrugated profiling  X
Grooving profiling  X
Microprofiled  X
Trapezoid profile  X
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